Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing for SEOMeans there’s people looking every single day for these services and you’re not showing upland that I think you would agree is pretty big problem because there’s prospects in your market in your space looking for what you do and they’re not finding you and so from there you’re going to say look but here are the reasons your website’s not showing up in the search engines and that’s.

where you’re going to set up a search report on local site cement and again there are other tools to do this local site submit I found to be Avery nice tool that presents a great report that will say okay here the most important online directories are you in them are you not here’s how your reference to cross the web we know that the key to getting ranked in the google map listings especially is lots of citations consistency.

Truth Of Internet Marketing

Of the name address and phone number and the number of online reviews that the company ha sand so the local site cement tool generates a report to show where there’s deficiencies along those lines and of course you run that report and it will give you that data and give you percentage of visibility score say how optimize your google listing yes optimizer yahoo listing is how optimize your you’re being listing is and this gives you a great arsenal of tools today okay when i go into that meeting with the client i won’t.

Just be talking on at random I’ll be speaking specifically about the due diligence did i researched their keywords figured out what the most important keywords are so they get value from that. went ahead and ran a report to figure out where you rank in the search engines for those various keywords and some ofits good some of its bad and here’s why ran another report that shows me how you’re being seen by google across the web.

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