About Seo Agency Los Angeles You Should Clarify

Seo Agency Los Angeles You Should Clarify

Is very serious and I did something dad to Google definitely looks at I just want to throw that in here the next thing I want to talk to you about all right is authoritative content so when we go to your home page when Google goes to your home page when someone’s searching for a web design company Google wants to know that you’re educating the prospect okay do you have you know at least.

To words on your homepage is what Google wants to know are you mentioning all of the relevant keywords of you about your business you know are you mentioning web design web designer in LA you know uh all the different types of keywords that we mentioned earlier.

It all that content has seo company los Angeles ca to be built into the home page all of your services that you provide okay you have to be mentioning Los Angeles to as well if you want to show up in local listings okay.

I know it’s great to be able to you guys want to service you know the country and just because you guys are able to do that in this fuel you are able do that but if you do want to look dominate.

The local market and pull leads through local SEO you do have to incorporate some local city keywords into your content all right so that’s definitely you guys do have some content built out you know if I were to guess it’s somewhere around words six to seven hundred words okay we might want to bump that up you know to a thousand a of relative authoritative content I’m sure.

you guys have some great content writers so that’s going to be definitely something that you guys can invest in yourselves but we definitely are you know ninjas at it as well so that’s definitely something we can consult on and get taken care of for you guys so that’s the second thing so now let’s get into the real real SEO stuff that you.

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